Top-quality clothing available on demand!

plus81costume is a costume-making company whose products have been worn on many stages in the show business by very popular idol groups and boys’ vocal units alike.

With a professional and responsible staff covering many fields including directors, designers, makers and stylists, with abundant knowledge and experience, they can be with you all the way towards making the perfect costume.

Furthermore, with experience working in massive concerts the like of Tokyo Dome and Kohaku Uta Gassen, they are equipped for working within strict deadlines and limited circumstances while maintaining quality, and are also capable of repairing costumes onsite with speed and quality.

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plus81 co., Ltd.PresidentYoshitaka ArigaLocationplus81 co., Ltd.
〒111-0042 1-11-11-1F KOTOBUKI TAITO-KU TOKYO

〒111-0042 1-12-5-2F KOTOBUKI TAITO-KU TOKYO
TELplus81 co., Ltd. (Head Office)
TEL 03-3847-9334
FAX 03-6802-8448

TEL 03-5830-3101
FAX 03-6231-7227
Capital3,000,000円Description of business1) Design and production of stage costumes
2) shooting Site support
3) Costume maintenance
4) Costume designer management
5) Original print products created